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Now is the time to begin making smart decisions about your money in order to build a solid financial foundation for the future! College can be a costly experience, no matter if you are paying for it yourself or receiving financial experience. Avoid making it more expensive with poor spending habits! 




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In 2017, my wife (then fiancé) and I were discussing how cool it would have been to check our student account balances on our phone, along with sending and receiving money from our peers while we were enrolled college students. Having to walk to the kiosk at the library was a major inconvenience!

We mulled over the development of the app idea, but due to wedding planning (and let's be honest, life) the app was pushed to the back burner.

However, two years later, I took a chance educating high school students on how to become financially stable as a Career & Technology Education (CTE) teacher. While teaching Personal Finance, I realized a large number of my students (many of them graduating seniors), were ill informed about budgeting, saving, and loans. I wanted to prepare my students for surviving real life scenarios and college. 

My charismatic style of teaching and innovative analogies kept students engaged and ready to learn more. With this ability, the thought of the app resurfaced and the timing was perfect. 

Our goal at UWALLET is to educate students on the power of financial responsibility.

Merle Murrain