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Everyone loves earning rewards

Our platform gives the user the ability to earn points to receive gift cards, merchandise, and discounts to select establishments. These games are not only fun and competitive, but they also teach the everyday user the fundamentals of financial literacy such as budgeting, saving, investing, and more!


Predictive Modeling at its best

With the integration of daily transactional data collecting platforms, we create specific messages catered to each user to assist with their spending choices. Our goal is to inform, educate, and entertain our users through creative content, innovative communication, and scenario-based learning. Our artificial intelligence not only educates the user of their habits but also corrects and notifies the user of their behaviors to ensure continued financial success in the future.

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Tips and Tricks to get you ahead

UWallet sends out weekly tips on how to become financially free. From increasing your incomes streams to building your credit we provide a variety of options that are suitable for the everyday user. These tips and resources bring full attention to the user while preparing them for life after college.

UWallet enables colleges and universities to easily customize the student experience.


Expect your logo and branding everywhere.


scenario-based modules that talk about your investing, savings, or other products.


Offer rewards such as gift cards, branded apparel, and campus discounts to motivate students.


Data Reports

Download growth reports and track student engagement in the platform.

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